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06/04/2018 14:03
Мы рады, ждем девятку. Очень хочется пощупать

27/03/2018 22:16
Всем привет, все неисправности устранили, всё у нас работает

30/10/2015 02:37
Не получается ничего скачать. Ошибка Not Found

06/10/2015 23:00
9-я версия php-fusion на подходе, следите за новостями

10/11/2014 11:24
Заметь, я дважды ответил через 3 минуты после вопроса, могли бы уже решить

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(PHP 3 CVS only)

sesam_fetch_row -- Fetch one row as an array


array sesam_fetch_row ( string result_id [, int whence [, int offset]] )

Returns an array that corresponds to the fetched row, or FALSE if there are no more rows.

The number of columns in the result set is returned in an associative array element $array["count"]. Because some of the result columns may be empty, the count() function can not be used on the result row returned by sesam_fetch_row().

result_id is a valid result id returned by sesam_query() (select type queries only!).

whence is an optional parameter for a fetch operation on "scrollable" cursors, which can be set to the following predefined constants:

Таблица 1. Valid values for "whence" parameter

0SESAM_SEEK_NEXTread sequentially (after fetch, the internal default is set to SESAM_SEEK_NEXT)
1SESAM_SEEK_PRIORread sequentially backwards (after fetch, the internal default is set to SESAM_SEEK_PRIOR)
2SESAM_SEEK_FIRSTrewind to first row (after fetch, the default is set to SESAM_SEEK_NEXT)
3SESAM_SEEK_LASTseek to last row (after fetch, the default is set to SESAM_SEEK_PRIOR)
4SESAM_SEEK_ABSOLUTEseek to absolute row number given as offset (Zero-based. After fetch, the internal default is set to SESAM_SEEK_ABSOLUTE, and the internal offset value is auto-incremented)
5SESAM_SEEK_RELATIVEseek relative to current scroll position, where offset can be a positive or negative offset value.
This parameter is only valid for "scrollable" cursors.

When using "scrollable" cursors, the cursor can be freely positioned on the result set. If the whence parameter is omitted, the global default values for the scrolling type (initialized to: SESAM_SEEK_NEXT, and settable by sesam_seek_row()) are used. If whence is supplied, its value replaces the global default.

offset is an optional parameter which is only evaluated (and required) if whence is either SESAM_SEEK_RELATIVE or SESAM_SEEK_ABSOLUTE. This parameter is only valid for "scrollable" cursors.

sesam_fetch_row() fetches one row of data from the result associated with the specified result identifier. The row is returned as an array (indexed by values between 0 and $array["count"]-1). Fields may be empty, so you must check for the existence of a field by using the isset() function. The type of the returned fields depend on the respective SQL type declared for its column (see SESAM overview for the conversions applied). SESAM "multiple fields" are "inlined" and treated like a sequence of columns.

Subsequent calls to sesam_fetch_row() would return the next (or prior, or n'th next/prior, depending on the scroll attributes) row in the result set, or FALSE if there are no more rows.

Пример 1. SESAM fetch rows

= sesam_query ( "SELECT * FROM phone\n" .
"  WHERE LASTNAME='" . strtoupper ( $name ) . "'\n" .
if (!
$result ) {
/* ... error ... */
// print the table in backward order
echo "<table border=\"1\">\n" ;
$row = sesam_fetch_row ( $result , SESAM_SEEK_LAST );
while (
is_array ( $row )) {
"<tr>\n" ;
    for (
$col = 0 ; $col < $row [ "count" ]; ++ $col ) {
"<td>" . htmlspecialchars ( $row [ $col ]) . "</td>\n" ;
"</tr>\n" ;
// use implied SESAM_SEEK_PRIOR
$row = sesam_fetch_row ( $result );
"</table>\n" ;
sesam_free_result ( $result );

Смотрите также: sesam_fetch_array() which returns an associative array, and sesam_fetch_result() which returns many rows per invocation.

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